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Bridge (Interstate 480) Over Missouri River, C.B. to Omaha

Looking At First Pier...completed for the Interstate Highway 80 bridge over the Missouri River here is James Presnell, resident construction engineer for the Iowa Highway Commission.

No More Dark Pasages...on Interstate 480 Bridge

aerial photo. looking west, of future site of I-480 bridge

Three Years Of Work...and $7.2 million went into this Interstate Highway passage Missouri River, seen here looking eastward.. Arrows indicate the traffic flow. Westbound vehicles will use the northern lanes of 480 bridge, exiting on dodge Street. …

Bridge Sites Considered for Span Between C.B. and Omaha

29th Ave. to Spring St. (see separate file on "Bridge, Spring Street"
9th Ave. to Leavenworth
Ave B. to about Capitol
I60 (adjacent to Mormon Bridge)
I480 (see separate file "Bridge…

These numbers...on supports underneath the I-480 bridge don't show the depth of the Missouri River.
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