Hinky Dinky Supermarkets


Hinky Dinky Supermarkets


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Hinky Dinky Supermarkets
Hinky-Dinky To Lease Woodwards - Plan Super-market on Broadway Site October 29, 1939
Giant Hinky Dinky Market Is Slated For West Side - Buys Site For Over $100,000 March 18, 1954
Hinky Dinky Plans New Shopping Center January 4, 1955
Hinky-Dinky Stores Plan Fly-In Supermarket Here - Will Be First In America . . . October 13, 1955
Store To Start Roof Top Parking - Part Of $120,000 Remodeling Project July 8, 1956
Top Hinky Dinky Officials Here For Store Ceremony - former C.B. Grocers . . . July 9, 1956
Start Grading For New Supermarket August 20, 1956
Supermarket Design August 26, 1956
Huge New Store Ready To Open - Public Preview Is Slated For Sunday May 1, 1957
Big Store Is Planned Here By Hinky Dinky December 27, 1966
Hinky Dinky Pays $275,000 For C.B. Tract January 17, 1967
Hinky Dinky Plans New Bluffs Store October 3, 1968
Hinky Dinky Readies Store September 20, 1970
New Hinky Dinky Store Opens Wednesday September 22, 1970
Store Opens Doors September 23, 1970
Around Clock October 26, 1978
Hinky Dinky Workers On Strike March 31, 1980
No Progress In Hinky Dinky Labor Dispute April 1, 1980
Local Stores Wary After Arson Fire - Fire Set At Millard Hinky Dinky April 3, 1980
Teamsters End Strike April 4, 1980
Shopping Center Planned July 6, 1980
Hinky Dinky Pay Cut Possible February 23, 1984
Hinky Dinky Vote On Wage Cuts Due March 29, 1984
Workers OK Hinky Dinky Wage Cuts - Decision Affects 175 C.B. Employees April 3, 1984
Hinky Dinky Stores to Remain Open - 'Business As Usual' in Bluffs May 11, 1984
Hinky Dinky Stores Sold? January 16, 1985
Executives Mum On Reported Sale Of Hinky Dinky Stores January 17, 1985
Hinky Dinky Says 25 Stores To Close January 18, 1985
Executives Silent; Store Closings Called 'Shame' January 19, 1985
Announcement Due On Hinky Dinky Sale February 4, 1985
Bluffs Men Stamp Their Signature On Old Hinky Dinky February 21, 1985


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Hinky Dinky Supermarkets


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