Historical Society of Pottawattamie Co.


Historical Society of Pottawattamie Co.


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Historical Society of Pottawattamie Co.
Log Cabin Will House County Historical Society's Museum February 24, 1935
Workmen Complete Historical Society's Log Museum July 4, 1935
Wants Chamber To Take Over Historical Museum May 8, 1955
Historical Cabin May Be Razed Soon -- Log By Log - Unless Some Group Claims It . . . February 17, 1957
Historical Society Begins Campaign To Pinpoint City's Oldest Buildings - Seeking Old Homes, Business Sites July 30, 1961
Six Parlor Chairs From Dodge's Old Home To Historical Society - Donated By Grandchildren December 16, 1962
Historical Groups Visit Bluffs Sites October 16, 1965
Vagabond Rocks Look For A Home March 28, 1971
New Officers Elected By County Historical Society June 28, 1971
Historical Society Seeks Emblem To Signify County January 30, 1972
Historical Emblem Contest Winner Told May 22, 1972
History Group Officers Named June 27, 1972
Missing Plaque Returned July 16, 1972
History Emblem Is Approved - For Pottawattamie County January 22, 1973
Area History Takes Trek To New Spot for Safe-keeping November 23, 1975
Bluffs History Book Back For Return Engagement November 25, 1979
Ordinance Would Name Historic Sites In Bluffs August 22, 1980
Railroad Grant To Historical Society May 9, 1981
Council Gives Go-ahead To Architectural Survey June 23, 1981
SWI Courthouses Added To List August 16, 1981
Courthouse Has Beauty August 16, 1981
WANTED: Home For Documents January 24, 1982
Society Eyes Museum Site August 11, 1983
Missing Memories: A Plaque Marking An Old Hotel . . . January 7, 1985
'Missing' Plaque In Good Hands January 8, 1985
Historians Enlisting Volunteers May 22, 1988
Society Official Says Historic Sites Rarely Get Adequate State Funding June 30, 1991
Rail Cars At Bluffs Museum Bound for Canada September 5, 1991


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Historical Society of Pottawattamie Co.


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