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Today...what a whale of a difference 60 years make. Main St., looking south from Broadway, shows few buildings that were there in the old picture. The change of dress and transportation is obvious.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Judging from this picture nearly everyone in town turned out for the Ringling Brothers circus parade around 1895. Men wore derbys [sic] and women wore hooped skirts. The parade is turning the corner of Main St. and…

Today...this is still a busy section of the city. The building at the right has undergone many changes. It now houses Herman's Clothes Shop, the Picky-Nicky Café and Ben Klein Jewelry Store. The next store is occupied by Barnes Beauty Salon. Then…

Today...the same block has a complete change in buildings. The City National Bank Building, and Beno's Store at left, demonstrate the modern trend in business buildings. The Dixie Shops and Buck's Booterie occupy the other two buildings.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in 1868, these buildings occupied the north side of Broadway between Main and Pearl Sts. The ground floor corner office, at right, was occupied by Officer and Pusey bankers. Next were: B. Newman, clothing store;…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Broadway, looking east from Fourth St., is shown as it appeared about the turn of the century. The Nonpareil was published in the IOOF Building at that time, street cars rumbled up and down the main street, among the…

Old Fire Main Street and Broadway is being uncovered by power shovel before it is filled in with sand and covered up permanently. Not the spectators at left. Traffic in background is being routed off Broadway at Fourth Street.

The Leading Corner...of the new shopping center planned by Midlands Northern Joint Venture will be the northeast corner of Main Street and Broadway. It now houses Brodkey's Jewelers and Clark Drug Co.
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