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Today...there is a trimmer, cleaner look in contrast to the 53-year-old photo. A new building houses the Council Bluffs Savings Bank, and at right is the new State Savings Bank. Other new buildings behind them were rebuilt after the Grand Hotel…

Today...most of the South Main Street site is occupied by the Sears Roebuck and Co. store. The modern two-story building at 28 S. Main St., replaces the older three-story structure which burned in 1925. In the meantime, John Beno and Co. moved into…

Today...what a whale of a difference 60 years make. Main St., looking south from Broadway, shows few buildings that were there in the old picture. The change of dress and transportation is obvious.

Today...New buildings have replaced not only those burned in 1925, but all others in the entire block, with the exception of one on the west side. Now a one way street, minus car tracks, Pearl Street has a more modern lok and shows the progress of…
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