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Council Bluffs Changing Scene--From a high cliff above Pierce Street, this is how Council Bluffs looked in 1897. At center is the Masonic Temple. To its right is the Oddfellows building and at extreme right is the steeple of St. Peter's Church. …

Barred Windows . . . were installed as a protection against Indians. The ancient safe once contained business records of the Haas family.

Brass Light Fixture . . . being inspected by Glasford was illuminated by. It is one of the few early features to survive the passing years.

Former Grandeur . . . of the Haas house is reflected in the marble fireplace being reviewed by Charles Glasford. Both the front parlor and the dining room boasted these elaborate heating units.

This is the former home of Mrs. Frank Haas, which is to be razed to make room for a parking lot at the proposed site of the new Masonic Temple.

Today...this is still a busy section of the city. The building at the right has undergone many changes. It now houses Herman's Clothes Shop, the Picky-Nicky Café and Ben Klein Jewelry Store. The next store is occupied by Barnes Beauty Salon. Then…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--A horse-drawn trolley passes the Masonic temple at Fourth St. and Broadway back in 1888 when this sketch was drawn. Note the carbon arc light tower at the left of the building. The tower marked the debut of the…
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