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Today...the block has changed considerably. The automobile has replaced the horse and buggy and a traffic island occupies the spot where horses used to drink. At left is the Bennett Building, the city's largest office structure. Many other…

Today...this is still a busy section of the city. The building at the right has undergone many changes. It now houses Herman's Clothes Shop, the Picky-Nicky Café and Ben Klein Jewelry Store. The next store is occupied by Barnes Beauty Salon. Then…

Today...the Bennett Building occupi9es the site of the old Woolworth building. The seven-story building, one of the larger office buildings in Council Bluffs, houses dentists, doctors, lawyers and other professional offices. It was erected shortly…

ca 1950?
Broadway looking west from Fourth Street to Main. Iowa Finance Company on the corner of Fourth and Broadway, and Edwards Cafe mid-block.
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