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Biding Its Time . . . the Goodrich Hotel at 8th Street and Broadway overlooks traffic at the west edge of Council Bluffs' downtown. The new owner of the hotel said the building may be demolished and a parking lot constructed in its place.

Wooden floors in the third-floor hallway are clean. Desk clerk Jim Bedsaul walks from the fire exit on the northwest side of the building. Sunlight silhouettes his form.

Paul and Jackie Richard have lived in the Goodrich for four weeks. They watch a lot of TV. "If you didn't have a TV or radio or something you'd go crazy," Paul said.

Goodrich owner Bob Knox rides from one floor to the next in the building's elevator, built in 1924 by Kimball Bros. Co.

Coming down the stairs is Gerald L. Way, who has a room on the second floor of the Goodrich. Way said he likes the building.

Afternoons are relaxing in the lobby, and Dennis Smith, William Jenkins and Don Stodgill take advantage of chairs lined against the west wall. An unidentified man scans the newspaper.

The word "hotel" is taped over. Residents at the Goodrich don't care what it's called. It's home to them.

Goodrich Hotel

On Ornate Main Stairway...from second to third floor of Bluffs Hotel are Robert and William Knox. The trim of the stairway is walnut. There was no elevator service in the building.
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