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Chicago & North Western Transportation Co.
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Safety Awards Given 6 Railroad Foremen. June 26, 1952
One Hurt In 11-Car Derailment of Train. January 7, 1953
CNW Lifts Track, Big Lake Bridge; Strengthens Levee Gap Against River. May 3, 1953
Sweeping Change In CNW Freight Traffic; Means More Activity In
Bluffs. April 10, 1956
C&NW Seeks To Close Down 1-Man Stations; 20 SW Iowa Towns Included. January 24, 1958
C&NW Trains To Terminate Here; Passengers To Take Taxi Bus To Omaha. September 24, 1958
CNW To Curtail Daytime Service; To Halt Passenger Trains To Clinton. November 5, 1958
New Offices. March 1, 1959
New Electronic System Keeps Tabs On Freight Cars For CNW. May 5, 1959
CNW To Drop Two Trains On June 11. May 12, 1959
C&NW To Drop Trains 5 and 6. March 11, 1960
93-Year Tradition Ends As No. 5 Makes Last Run. March 14, 1960
Old NW Depot To Be A Tavern. June 22, 1962
Discuss C&NW Dispute At Mediator's Urging; Management And Union Executives. August 31, 1962
C&NW Employes [sic] Trickle Back To Work In C.B.; Pay Loss Estimated At $55,000. September 29, 1962
Crossing Rails Can Be Frightening; On Washboard Road. November 15, 1966
Cannons Boomed As First Train Chugged Into CB Century Ago. February 5, 1967
Provo, 40, New C&NW President. July 6, 1967
Harlan To Fight Railroad Pull Out; Meeting Planned. Janaury 9, 1974
Passenger train studied; The Council Bluffs Zephyr? February 4, 1980
C&NW gets contract to carry mail. May 22, 1980
Railroad restructures its divisions. July 7, 1985
CNW agrees to sale to investment firm. November 18, 1987
Branstad blasts plan for NCW rail takeover. December 10, 1987C>B> employees sue C&NW for hearing injuries. April 13, 1988
County continues fight in CNW tax-refund suit. April 20, 1988
Amtrak eyes SWI if CNW fixes tracks. March 2, 1989
Bills introduced to block strike as C&NW mediation continues. July 27, 1988
CNW workers walk off jobs in crew fight. September 9, 1988
CNW derailment blocks city streets. October 31, 1990


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Chicago & North Western Transportation Co.


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