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Railroad tracks belonging to the Chicago Great Western Railroad Co., are disappearing from the scene in the southeast part of Council Bluffs. Five sets of tracks have already been torn up and trackage pictured in foreground is slated for removal in…

Once loose, the rails and ties are lifted by a crane into a car. This scene is just east of Highway 375 overpass. The job is expected to take most of the summer to complete. Photos by Jack kennedy.

Since the Chicago Great Western Railroad has been taken over by the Chicago and North Western, the Great Western yards are now being stripped of rails and ties. A crew of seven college students and regular employes [sic] started to dismantle the…

Edward T. Reity, president of the Chicago Great Western Railway Company, accepts delivery of one of eight powerful new diesels the line is placing into service this month from R.L. Terrell (on left), vice president of General Motors and general…

New Caboose...being inspected by Louis Caparelli and Carl Cramer, is the "176" built in Council Bluffs by the Great Western Railroad and roundhouse crew.

Extensive Improvements Are Chicago Great Western Railroad on the property shown here. At center and at right are the old roundhouse and repair track buildings that will be torn down to make way for new facilities. At left is the new…

New Facility...viewed from the trackside is the is the trackside is the Chicago Great Western Railroad's new combination deport, yard office and freight house. The passenger section is at left with glass entrance. Yard office facilities are at…

Yard Chicago Great Western Railroad's new building has a glass front, seen in background, for a full and unobstructed view of the tracks. In center foregound is William J. Greulack, 617 Twenty-sixth Ave., yard clerk.

photo of Chicago Great Western Railroad depot, taken from tracks
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File Chicago Great Western
CGW depot

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: About 1924, this was the view looking north from atop the Standard Oil Col. building at Sixteenth Ave. and Third St. Foreground is the Turner Silo Co. In background is the Chicago Great Western Railroad yards, with…

Railroads C497b.tif
Photograph of C.G.W. Railroad Grade at Bennett Avenue in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Railroads C497a.tif
Photograph of C.G.W. Railroad Grade at Little Mosquito Creek in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
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