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January/February 2011 Historical Society newsletter.

Business B584a.jpg
Reproduction of a postcard of Bluff City Laundry. Horse drawn carts lined up outside the building.

Business B584b.jpg
Photograph of the Bluff City Laundry in Council Bluffs (Iowa) with delivery trucks lined up outside.

Business B694.jpg
Photograph of Boyer Coal and Coke, with trucks lined up out front.

Business C589b.jpg
Photograph of the City Roller Mills, 1881. Brief history of the mill appears on the back of the photograph.

Business C589a.jpg
Photograph of the Council Bluffs City Mills building, J. C Hoffmayr proprietor. A brief history of the mill is on the back of the photograph.

Photograph of Council Bluffs Coal and Ice.Signs advertising Atlas and Dixie coal.
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