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Aerial painting of Council Bluffs by George Simons.

Painting of Council Bluffs by George Simons.

Painting of Council Bluffs by George Simons.

Painting of a boat crossing Missouri River.

Equestrian portrait of General Dodge, painted by Charles A. Whipple, depicts him as Grand Marshal of the day on the occasion of the dedication of the tomb of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in New York April 27, 1897. The painting, 7 feet 2 inches in width by…

Painting of a view of Council Bluffs and Dodge House from Fairmount Park by Henry Howard Bagg

Simons C686b.tif
Photographic reproduction of the George Simons painting, Council Bluffs in 1851.
Printed at bottom of image: "Council Bluffs in 1851."

Broadway S774.tif

Color painting from a magazine, looking east on Broadway from Pearl. Text of article titled "Broadway in Council Bluffs Marks Trail of the Pioneers" on the back of the picture.
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