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Wreckage Of which Richard Kinser was critically injured is checked by Highway patrolman Larry Torrey of Council Bluffs.

Scattered wreckage...of car-truck crash which claimed two lives is examined by Iowa Highway Patrolman Larry Torrey, left, and Deputy Sheriff Ed Christensen, far right. The two vehicles came together at the dark spots at right hand corner of picture.

Wide-eyed over tall cowboys and their mounts at the Sidney Rodeo is Michael Ladd, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ladd of Hamburg. The young admirer was among about 5,000 persons attending the first night of the rodeo.

Out of the starting gate come two-hard-running ostriches, "drive" by Don Greever of Hancock and Ernest Wede of Minden. The race was one of the features at the Thursday night show at the Pottawattamie County Fair at Avoca. Also in the first heat was…

Frank Schultz calmly watches the Missouri River lap at his doorstep below the east end of Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge. Schultz, on familiar terms with the river since 1930, said this spring's water level is the highest he's seen in eight years. But Schultz…

Remnants Of A Bridge...dangle in the swollen waters of Walnut Creek in Waveland Township. It was one of a half dozen bridges washed out or damaged by ice and running water Tuesday.

Like an Indian fighter of old, John Gilmore, 46, 427 E. Washington Ave., lies wounded with two "arrows". The splinters of hardwood board--one of them two feet long--were driven through the back and palm of his left hand when they kicked out of a…

Judging from the expression on Dachsie's face, the treatment is worse than the flu bug. But, like a lot of two-legged specimens these days, the 7-year-old dachshund has to sniffle and bear it. Her owner, Nonpareil photographer Jack Kennedy, 225…

Combining Operations...along nineteenth St., a rescuer rescues a rescuer. It all started when Nick Cavallaro, 1902 Avenue G, called a wrecker to pull him out of a drift. The wrecker got stuck.

At Crash ambulance crew removes the body of Larry Jessen, far right, while traffic officers view the spot where the car he drove broke through the ice. Arrow points to the body of W.F. Coules, pinned under the car. [second photograh of…

Death In The Snow...Under a Highway 6 bridge 6-1/2 miles east of Council Bluffs, the body of Larry Jessen, Wiota, lies alongside LIttle Mosquito Creek. W.F. Coules with Jessen also was killed. A Highway patrolman and Chief Deputy Sheriff Roy…

The Merriwether Lewis dredges silt from the Missouri River channel south of Council Bluffs while three young shoreline "superintendents" scrutinize the operation. They are Debby, Ricky and Mark Orent, ages 6, 8 and 10, whose home is near the…
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