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Fire Department 1951 GMC Ambulance, accident 1962.tif
Photograph of a 1951 GMC ambulance after an accident

Fire Department Engine 50 hit by truck on I-80 9-5-1980.tif
Photograph of a damaged Fire Engine hit by a truck on I-80.

Fire Department 6's accident 1st & Pierce.tif
Photograph of a fire truck accident at 1st and Pierce

Fire Department 2-15-46.tif
Two children were killed and their mothers injured when a 100-foot water storage tank collapsed and fell on their house. The tank, which had a storage capacity of 125,000 gallons, let loose a 100,000 gallon torrent of water and ice. The photo shows…

Scattered wreckage...of car-truck crash which claimed two lives is examined by Iowa Highway Patrolman Larry Torrey, left, and Deputy Sheriff Ed Christensen, far right. The two vehicles came together at the dark spots at right hand corner of picture.

At Crash ambulance crew removes the body of Larry Jessen, far right, while traffic officers view the spot where the car he drove broke through the ice. Arrow points to the body of W.F. Coules, pinned under the car. [second photograh of…

Parts Of The Road Grader...are scattered alongside the 100-car freight train with which it collided, causing the death of Delmar Schuning. The cab and chassis are in the foreground. The blade is at left. The rear wheels and engine are at the right.

A Damaged books and a lost shoe tell a story that could have ended tragically. Tommy Gardner, 9, 3117 Avenue C, looks over the belongings of Bruce Dawkins.

This Second Crash...occurred when an oil tanker skidded into stock truck. At right are Highway Patrol Sgt. H. R. Erts and Richard L. Forte, driver of the oil transport.

Wedged Into Clay the force of the impact is the wreckage of the prize winning customized convertible.

MOOOOve This of me, bawls one of the cattle trapped under the overturned truck. Three were killed.
[Photo zoomed-in view of Best_Pictures_Best_Stories_1959_05_6_1959_11.jpg]

Splintered Garage...shows how the vehicle blazed the end of its trail. The splatters are from oil in the drums which prevented hitting the building at left.

Finally Stopped...after slamming its way through the narrow pass between two garages is the car which plummeted down Elder Street at the rear.

Runaway Truck...came down Fourteenth Avenue, then took this wild route, shown by dotted line, between High and Pleasant Streets. It finally stopped between two houses in the background. The only victim was the garage.
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