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Club 64_12_05_1967_002.jpg
At Club 64...sheriff's officers check the office where two employes were fatally shot during a robbery. The officers are Radio Dispatcher Donald Dinatalli, Sheriff Roy Wichael and Deputry Sheriff Earl Miller. Patrolman John Stephens' body was found…

Before The Hearing...Ronald Wayne Brewer talks with his mother, Mrs. Darlene Brewer, and Sheriff Roy Wichael. Behind the sheriff is Brewer's win bror, Donald.

Death In The Snow...Under a Highway 6 bridge 6-1/2 miles east of Council Bluffs, the body of Larry Jessen, Wiota, lies alongside LIttle Mosquito Creek. W.F. Coules with Jessen also was killed. A Highway patrolman and Chief Deputy Sheriff Roy…
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