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Wreckage Of which Richard Kinser was critically injured is checked by Highway patrolman Larry Torrey of Council Bluffs.

Scattered wreckage...of car-truck crash which claimed two lives is examined by Iowa Highway Patrolman Larry Torrey, left, and Deputy Sheriff Ed Christensen, far right. The two vehicles came together at the dark spots at right hand corner of picture.

Death In The Snow...Under a Highway 6 bridge 6-1/2 miles east of Council Bluffs, the body of Larry Jessen, Wiota, lies alongside LIttle Mosquito Creek. W.F. Coules with Jessen also was killed. A Highway patrolman and Chief Deputy Sheriff Roy…

This Second Crash...occurred when an oil tanker skidded into stock truck. At right are Highway Patrol Sgt. H. R. Erts and Richard L. Forte, driver of the oil transport.

Wedged Into Clay the force of the impact is the wreckage of the prize winning customized convertible.

Splintered Garage...shows how the vehicle blazed the end of its trail. The splatters are from oil in the drums which prevented hitting the building at left.

Finally Stopped...after slamming its way through the narrow pass between two garages is the car which plummeted down Elder Street at the rear.

The Unnerving Tragedy...of striking John Hines with her car is too much for Mrs. Alberta P. Siebert, who is aided here by neighbors. She is the mother of five young boys.

Comforting Injured Boy...before arrival of the Emergency Unit are his mother, Mrs. Leo Hines, and a passerby.

Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990
C.B. driver injured when car hits backhoe. No date
Road work blames for I-80 pileups. May 5, 1989
C.B. accident victim's condition improvising. June 7, 1989
Boat propeller strikes woman, breaks legs. June 21,…
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