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Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.

1973 yearbook (annual) of Tri-Center High School

1973 Yearbook (Annual) of Iowa School for the Deaf.

Fire Fighters - 12-20-1973 (2).tif
Photos of Vance Grain elevator fire at 3300 First Ave.

Fire Fighters - 11-27-1973.tif
Photo of fire damage

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Fire Fighters - 6-29-73.tif
Dousing the interior of the Wagon Wheel Tavern, 830 N. 8th St. are Council Bluffs Fireman Harold Jensen and Larry French in the snorkel rig.

Manning an aerial ladder are Council Bluffs firemen, monitoring the progress of the intense fire at the elevator. Firemen from the Bluffs were joined by unites of the Omaha Fire Department in controlling the blaze, which started about 8:30 p.m.

1973 Yearbook (Annual) of St. Albert High School

1973 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

Broadway A27.jpg
Photograph of Brodkey's, Clark Drug Co., 418-420 West Broadway.

Broadway A26.jpg
Photograph of Walgreens drugstore, 400 West Broadway.

Broadway A23.jpg
Photograph of Bushman Carpet, Morris Paint, 345 West Broadway.

Photograph of Brown's Shoes, Yum Yum Tree, Capitol Optical, 326-334 West Broadway.

Broadway A19.jpg
Photograph of People's Store, 308-320 West Broadway.

1973 Yearbook (Annual) of Abraham Lincoln High School.
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