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Today...the same building at 1017 Third Ave. is still used as apartments. Some superficial changes, namely removal of the ornate trimmings of days past, plus renovations in the entrances and porches are noted.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This two-story building at 1017 Third Ave. was the residence of apartments of W.W. Bilger in 1889, according to information published in the booklet, Council Bluffs Illustrated. Text of the book did not elaborate.

exterior of brick apartment building
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Catalpa Apts.
Order a halftone on this exactly 6-1/2 inches in width no more--no less and get to back Saturday noon [?] as it runs in Double truck Sunday--Charge to Emery…

Bluffs Towers
First and Pearl
Apts. for Elderly
Formerly Chieftain Hotel

Cards In Recreation Bluffs Towers is just one of several planned functions for the many residents at the residence for the elderly, formerly the Hotel Chieftain. These general get-togethers are good mixers and enjoyed by the residents…

Opening The the newly remodeled Bluffs Towers are Sam Brown Sr., and John Nelson, president and vice president of the Bluffs Homes, Inc. The 69-unit complex for the elderly is now ready for occupation.

Exterior of Bluffs Towers at 38 Pearl Street

Fire Fighters - Elder Court Apartments 1-14-1972 (2).tif
Photographs of the Elder Court Apartments fire

Fire Fighters - 1-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments.tif
Unidentified relatives of one of the apartment complex dwellers huddle under the eve of a nearby house with the small bit of clothing they salvaged from the blaze that destroyed the complex.

Firefighters put their weight on hoses at the Elder…
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