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Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.

1961 yearbook (annual) of Tri-Center High School

1961 Yearbook (Annual) of Iowa School for the Deaf.

Fire Fighters - 10-28-1961 Hoagland Lumber Yard & Ford Bldg.tif
Hoagland Lumber yard fire at Seventh and South Main spread to the roof of the Ford Brothers Van and Storage warehouse next door north.

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08-18-1961 Neola Ambulance.tif
Recently purchased by the Neola Fire Department gets final check by Darrell Boyer before being placed in service for use by the department.

Cedar Motel.tif
Four photographs of Cedar Motel

West Broadway,.tif
2 photos of West Broadway (West of 37th St)

1961 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

1961 Yearbook (Annual) of Abraham Lincoln High School.
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