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Today...the board sidewalks have disappeared, along with the original building that houses St. Francis Academy. The corner lot at Fifth Avenue and Seventh St. is a side yard for St. Francis High School, right. At left can be seen a corner of the…

Today...The Abraham Lincoln football field stands at the site of the old school. The picture was taken from Fifth Avenue bluffs. The lighted field can be seen from virtually all over the city. It is named Kirn Field, in honor of former A.L.…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is the old Council Bluffs High School as it appeared in 1887 when it served the entire city, In 1900 Abraham Lincoln was built and it was the lone high school until the addition of Thomas Jefferson in the early…

Photograph of the High School. Located at the top of High School Avenue. Present site of Kirn Field.

Aerial C686.tif
Bird's eye view of business section. Shows Old Ogden Hotel in left foreground and Old High School in background
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