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Supper Club
701 McKensie Rd.

Club 64_02_25_1985_006.jpg
Club 64 is the only Council Bluffs restaurant rated in the 1985 Mobil Travel Guide.

Club 64_07-22-1979_005.jpg
Discussing The Details...of the contract they have agreed to passing over ownership of the popular Club 64 are Dick Glasford and George Elias. The 67-year-old Elias opened the steak house in 1953 and has enlarged it eight times. Glasford formerly…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Only five years ago Broadway, west from Ninth St., looked like this, with business buildings, brick paving and lots of railroad tracks to cross. In the foreground are the rails of the street car company.

Chalet Motor Lodge & Lounge
1530 Ave. G
Torn down about 2008-09
Lakin owns it

Leftover Columns...of the Broadway Theater are viewed by Sid Gousheh, restaurant proprietor behind the Pantry's kitchen area. Above the present ceiling is the projections booth and balcony. Below the stage area are dressing rooms used by…

Photograph of concession stand at Playland Park

Truck stop East.tif
Truck Stop Grill at Playland Park

37th & 3rd.tif
3 photos Dairy Sweet at 37th & 3rd Ave.

39th & Broadway.tif
4 photos of 39th & West Broadway (North side)

220 - 222 W Broadway.tif
Two photographs of 220 222 West Broadway. Laster Appliances, and other businesses.

Postcard depicting Crystal Lodge on Fifth Avenue at 30th Street - "The Home of Chicken Dinner Bingo."

Business B437a.tif
Photograph of the Charles Barghausen Saloon - 110 Broadway

Broadway A18.jpg

Woolsey's Restaurant, S. T. Walker & Co., Job printing
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