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Aerial photo of east and west banks of the Missouri River at the Ak-Sar-Ben-Bridge (currently site of I-480 bridge). Council Bluffs' West Broadway and Playland Park are pictured in the top half of the photo, and the American Smelting and Refinery…

Aerial photo of Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge and the construction of the supports for the Interstate 480 Bridge across the Missouri River. Playland Park is pictured in the center of the photo, and Broadway is on the right side of the photo. A small section of…

Today...a wider Broadway connects the cities of Council Bluffs and Omaha, and even then it is frequently congested with traffic near Playland Park at right, and a fast building south side of the street, at left.

Today...the same track, which has been enlarged and is surfaced with asphaltic concrete, is part of Playland Park. Additional bleachers have have been erected to increase the seating capacity. Now, instead of dogs chasing the rabbit, it's a bunch…

Parks V549.tif
View down Broadway toward Playland Park

Aerial Playland.tif
Four aerial photographs of Playland Park

Boatride & Turnpike.tif
Photograph of boat ride and turnpike at Playland Park

Concession Stand (2).tif
Concession stand at Playland Park

Playland Office.tif
Two photographs of the Playland Office

Fly-O-Plane Ride at Playland Park

Ticket Office.tif
Photograph of the ticket office at Playland Park

Penny Arcade.tif
Photograph of Penny Arcade at Playland Park

Roller Coaster.tif
Two photographs of roller coaster at Playland Park

Beer Garden.tif
Photograph of the beer garden at Playland Park

Three photographs of billboards at Playland Park

Grandstand Billboards N.tif
Three photos of grandstand at Playland Park, including concession stands at lower grandstand.

Bldg 4.tif
Photograph of Building #4 (Shooting Gallery) at Playland Park

Fish Pond.tif
Photograph of fish pond at Playland Park

Boat Ride.tif
Photograph of boat ride at Playland Park

Photograph of concession stand at Playland Park
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