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Today...the brick street has turned to concrete and horses have given way to heavy car and truck traffic. After a half century, too, some buildings have changed as much as the mode of transportation. one remaining landmark is the Ogden Hotel at the…

Today...motor vehicles replace the horse-drawn rigs. And instead of hitching posts, Broadway is well lined with parking meters. Most of the buildings in the old photo have been remodeled or replaced within the last 50 years.

Today...about the only comparison to the 1868 photo is the general shape of the street. Parking meters take the place of the old hitching posts, along with paving and modern buildings. At left center is the IOOF temple.

Today...the same street takes on a much more modern appearance, though many of the buildings are the same as in the 1900 picture. New buildings, plus new fronts, and new paving, minus the street cars and buggies change the scene. The original photo…

Broadway Theater

Leftover Columns...of the Broadway Theater are viewed by Sid Gousheh, restaurant proprietor behind the Pantry's kitchen area. Above the present ceiling is the projections booth and balcony. Below the stage area are dressing rooms used by…

front of Theater, street level, at night. On the marquee: "Tonite Bank Award $300
'Sky Murder' also
'Military Academy'
Over the doors/ticket window:
"Total Bank Awards $400"
On back of photo:
Broadway Theter
About 1936
(copied 1-16-1974)

The Old Broadway Theater...closed for good in 1963 and was remodeled the next year to house King's Restaurant, now The Pantry. This photo was taken in 1941. The theater, in operation since the early 1920s, had just been remodeled after a fire in…

Although the fire was confined to the rear part, the entire interior of the Broadway theater was redecorated in its $25,000 remodeling program. A new front curtain was installed, the seats refinished, and the walls repainted in pastel colors.

Remember when Broadway boasted the Continental kellar Co., Broadway Theater and The Ranks Department Store? The buildings shown in the 1950s photo were part of the downtown business district. Note the films on the theater marquee--Shirley Temple in…
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