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The Park Department's antique horse watering trough at the junction of Main and Pearl Streets has been set up again after being knocked down by an automobile recently. Neighborhood resident Phil Danselmo examines the king-sized horse bite from the…

An Early 1900s Street Scene . . . shows the original location of the horse watering trough at Broadway and Fourth Street. Horse-drawn buggies drove alongside the street cars on the cobblestone roadway. "I remember going into the old Woolworth store…

After Several Moves . . . about the city, the old horse watering trough that was presented to the city by the National Humane Alliance, founded by Hermon Lee Ensign in 1907, is re-erected Tuesday at Main and Pearl streets by the City Parks…

This Horse-Watering Trough . . . in Burlington, VT, is an exact replica of the one the Council Bluffs Parks Board hopes to install at Main and Pearl Streets.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in 1919, uptown Council Bluffs is decorated with flags and banners for a parade celebrating the Allies victory in World War I. This photo is looking west on Broadway, from Fourth St. It is from a collection of…
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