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Still Hot . . . out of the casting machine, this pipe is being marked by a Griffin Pipe employee. The Griffin plant manufactures ductile iron pipe used primarily in the housing industry.

A 30-ton upper stack, part of the wet scrubber system being installed at Griffin Pipe Co., was raised to the upper cupola of the building Monday afternoon. The upper stack was raised by a crane shipped from Lawrence, Kan., for just that purpose. The…

Roy Miskelley . . . plant engineer, and Carl McCormick, sales manager of Griffin Pipe Products, admire a plaque given the company Wednesday for their efforts in environmental control.

An Outside Consultant . . . tests the emissions from Griffin Pipe Company, which recently installed a new anti-pollution device. Company officials expect the pollutants to be below the 30 pound limits of Iowa law. The white substance coming out of…

Looking Over Final Plans . . . for Griffin Pipe Company's new wet scrubber cleaning system are B.B. Barefoot, president of the manufacturer hired to install the system, Robert Peting and J.C. Moreland.

Twenty-Foot Lengths . . . of cast iron pressure pipe are loaded aboard a freight car at the Griffin Pipe Products Co. plant here, an operating unit of AMSTED Industries.

Officials Walk By The "Bag House" . . . at Griffin Pipe Co. The facility acts as a giant vacuum cleaner bag where the dust remains on the inside while the clean air passes through to the outside.

Dick Dekker, acting works manager at Griffin Pipe Products here checks a new 400-horsepower electric motor designed to increase the fan capacity on the plant's cupola from 75,000 to 93,000 cubic feet-per-minute. The addition is part of efforts to…

L.W. Tutskey, Vice President in charge of manufacturing for Griffin Pipe Products Co. in Council Bluffs, Iowa

New offices of Griffin Pipe Products Company at 2601 Ninth Ave., are nearing completion and will give the company two and a half times more space. The new building enlargement is due to added expansion in the past two years and also to improve…

Clean smoke drifts from the exhaust stack at Griffin Pipe plant after being filtered through a series of some 500 dacron bags, part of the smoke abatement system. The much-discussed system which has caused considerable trouble over the past few…

At Luncheon Ceremony . . . G. Thomas Reilly, representing the Citizens Committee for Community Development, presents an award to Frank Marold. It was for the job Griffin Pipe Products Co. has done in refurbishing its plant and constructing a new…

Billowing Over The Heads . . . of city and Chamber of Commerce leaders is a cloud of steam which is created by treatment of production smoke. A smoke abatement device at the Griffin Pipe Products plant has been in part time use since September while…

Inspecting Smoke System . . . at Griffin Pipe Co. are Roy Caputo, works manager, and James Carter, erection engineer. Frank Merk, general foreman, steadies a ladder for foreman Bill Marlo.
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