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Inspecting Smoke System . . . at Griffin Pipe Co. are Roy Caputo, works manager, and James Carter, erection engineer. Frank Merk, general foreman, steadies a ladder for foreman Bill Marlo.

Tricky Moving . . . of the new cupola at Griffin Pipe Products plant is guided by workmen.

Walking Through Explosion Area . . . at Griffin plant is a city fireman. The cupola which blew up is to the right and rear of the fireman. In the foreground are cement slabs, glass, and pieces of iron which showered from the roof of the casting and…

A Miracle At The Griffin Plant . . . is discussed by Henry Woodford, Fred Witt and Don Friedrichsen, as the wait for treatment at Mercy Hospital.

Ripped Away . . . from the east side of the Griffin Pipe Products plant were corrugated siding, roofing and glass. The explosion knocked out windows up to 400 feet away and most of the glass over the smelting and casting departments.

Awaiting Treatment . . . at Mercy Hospital after the blast at Griffin Pipe Products Co., are Virgil Liddell of Oakland and Merle Frazier of Omaha. Both suffered head injuries.

"Dismissed Until Further Notice" . . . these Griffin Pipe Products Co. employees leave the plant with their unopened lunches and a change of clothing. From left are Jesse Sobbing of Emerson, August Pontow of Hastings, John W. Collins Jr. of Persia…

Griffin Explosion: A workman inspects the cupola smelting furnace area, left, which was the center of the explosion at the Griffin Pipe Products Co., 2601 Ninth Ave., at 7:30 a.m. Monday. the mishap occurred when molten iron from the furnace…

From Control Room . . . Griffin Pipe plant operations manager O.L. Dean, right, explains casting operations to American Steel Foundries President J.B. Lanterman, left; C.E. Grigsby, ASF vice president, and Frank W. Jenks, ASF board member and…

Signing Receipt . . . for shipment of pipe is Martin W. Flynn, right. Others are M.E. (Barney) Rew, left, and Lee Samuelson of 208 Bennet Ave., foreman at the Griffin Pipe plant.

Red-Hot 20-Foot Length . . . of pipe is pulled from one of the three centrifugal casting machines. By pressing three buttons on an electronic control panel, a workman can turn out the pipe, extract it from the casting machine and send it to the…

Progress Toward Target Date . . . is reported by Sam C. Prest, Ross Drever, Goff Smith, Robert W. Turner and Orris Dean.

Inside The Furnace . . . Charles Sullivan of Omaha works on the 18-inch brick lining which will protect the shell from the 1,800-degree operating temperatures.

Giant Outer Shell . . . of the annealing furnace is in place at the Griffin Pipe Division plant. Workmen with transits, in foreground, are checking levels for installing foundations for other equipment.

Cheered By Prospects . . . for industrial expansion here are: Orris Dean, T. Joe Smith and Sam C. Prest. Council Bluffs was picked out of an area from Tacoma, Wash., to the Mississippi River.

Mounting An Iron Wheel . . . on an axle is the precision task of Clon Fitz and Patrick Wolff. Most wheels are sold unmounted.

One Hot Job . . . is Levertis Kelleybrew's. He removes the clamps from molds at Griffin Wheel Company, as they pass him on a carrier belt.

View in the stock room. Finished wheels ready for shipment. Each wheel possesses the requisite properties for the particularly severe job it must do.
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