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Highway 34


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Highway 34
Commission Approves Highway 34 Relocation - 57.69 Mile Stretch July 13, 1960
Debate Time Again On Historic Highway 34 - For Six Southwest Iowa Towns October 5, 1960
200 Hear Pros And Cons On Hwy. 34 Relocation - Hearing At Red Oak Relatively Mild October 14, 1960
Mixed Emotions Over Hwy. 34 - Stanton Likes It, Emerson Doesn't December 15, 1960
Opinions Still Vary As Work Begins On Relocated Highway May 8, 1964
Okay Four-Lane Highway Project - One-Half Mile Segment At Red Oak May 14, 1964
34 Relocation Stanton Topic - Stanton C of C Hears Engineer 1964
Highway 34 Relocation Grading Nearly Done - Paving Contracts To Be Let May 25 May 16, 1965
Large Segment 34 Now Open November 24, 1965
Ceremony Marks Openings Of Major SWI Highways December 16, 1965
Patrol Chief Says There's No Excuse - It's Problem Spot, But January 17, 1966
Glenwood Hearing On U.S. 34 Plans August 26, 1970
Grading Begun For Relocation Of Highway 34 April 2, 1972
Glenwood Highway Delayed By Storm December 6, 1973
Expressway Is Dedicated June 9, 1974


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Highway 34


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