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Razing of Diamond almost down to the first floor. The building is being demolished to make way for the Broadway viaduct.

George Steinberg has announced sale of Steinberg grocery at 1428 West Broadway to the state to make way for the Broadway viaduct. Sale pdice[sic] was $24,500, the figure set by the viaduct appraisal board;.

aerial view, looking west, of Broadway from about 7th Street.
"Air view of Council Bluffs, Oct. 21, 1950" [typed on back of photo]

aerial view of Broadway viaduct, looking west, ca 1955

Bridge (Interstate 480) Over Missouri River, C.B. to Omaha

No More Dark Pasages...on Interstate 480 Bridge

Three Years Of Work...and $7.2 million went into this Interstate Highway passage Missouri River, seen here looking eastward.. Arrows indicate the traffic flow. Westbound vehicles will use the northern lanes of 480 bridge, exiting on dodge Street. …

Teeth various points in the bridge surface allow for expansion and contraction. Beyond south rail of the new span is Ak-Sar_Ben Bridge, and in distance the Union Pacific Bridge.

Roller Bearing...on the council Bluffs abutment of the I-480 Bridge is inspected by William J. Kontor.

aerial view of two bridges over Missouri River; some snow cover on the ground; looking from the Iowa side

aerial view of Missouri River, with two bridges; looking from the Omaha side, with rail yard in foreground, between the bridges

Bridge Sites Considered for Span Between C.B. and Omaha

29th Ave. to Spring St. (see separate file on "Bridge, Spring Street"
9th Ave. to Leavenworth
Ave B. to about Capitol
I60 (adjacent to Mormon Bridge)
I480 (see separate file "Bridge…

These numbers...on supports underneath the I-480 bridge don't show the depth of the Missouri River.

Shadows and angles present an interesting view of the supports underneath the Spring Street linking Council Bluffs and Omaha. A roadway directly under the span leads to the Chain of Lakes Park now under construction. Photo by Dave Decker.
[On back…

Like a double image the Interstate 680 bridge across the Missouri on Interstate 680 is rising to match its older twin, the Mormon Bridge at left. The center section of the span is being fabricated aboard a barge on the river and will be hoisted as a…

This Is A Drawing...of the Interstate 80 bridge which will carry traffic between the southwest part of Council Bluffs and Spring Street in Omaha. The Omaha side is in the foreground.

Bridge, Spring Street (I-80)
Across Missouri River between C.B. and Omaha
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Symbolic Linking...of the two states is performed by Nebraska Gov. J.J. Exon, William Gray, chairman of the Iowa Highway Commission, and Council Bluffs Mayor Joseph B. Katelman.

photo of Spring Street bridge of I-80, looking west

With five of the 11 piers for the new Interstate 80 Highway completed, and work on the other six piers well along in varying stages, crews for the Jensen Construction Co. of Des Moines have lost no time from weather this past year. Looking toward…
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