Bridge (I-480) Over Missouri River


Bridge (I-480) Over Missouri River


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Bridge (Interstate 480) Over Missouri River, C.B. to Omaha
Citizens Take Dim View Of Proposed Toll Bridge. October 13, 1957
Toll Bridge Builder Probably Would Pay For Approaches, Too. October 15, 1957
Reaction To Toll Bridge Plan Mixed. October 12, 1957
Iowa Gets Short End Of Tax Deal On Toll Bridges. December 27, 1957
City 'Anxious' To Aid Planners; Awaits Invitation On Bridge Study. January 23, 1959
CB-Omaha Officials Discuss Bridge Sites; Decision Up To State Engineers. February 7, 1959
Bridge Priority Listed By Govt.; First May Link CB, Downtown Omaha. March 19, 1959
State Decides To Plan Bridge Between C.B.-Downtown Omaha. May 7, 1959
$11 Million Bridge Tag News To Iowa Engineer; 'Shotgun Estimate' By Nebraska. May 8, 1959
Nebraska Will Design Bridge; Both States Are Studying Location. May 27, 1959
To Finish Cooperative Study On Bridge Location By Jan. 1; Cost Estimated At $11 Million. June 2, 1959
Nebraska To 'Push Ahead' On Omaha-C.B. Bridge Planning. June 4, 1959
Question Join Bridge Venture; Two Consulting Engineer Firms. July 15, 1959
Mew Bridge Should Be Under Construction By Aug. 1, 1960; Brooks Orders Interstate Speedup. July 8, 1959
Plan Conference On Bridge Design. July 29, 1959
Okay Cost Agreement On Bridge; Iowa Will Pay $300,000 On New Interstate Span. August 27, 1959
$10 Million Bridge To Link CB-Omaha In Next Five Years; Highway Commission Timetable Lists. September 26, 1959
To Start Work ON New Bridge In 1961; State To Spend $5,7000,000 on Project. October 22, 1959
Bridge Plan Called 'Wonderful News' By Mayor; In State's 5-Year Highway Program. October 23, 1959
Interchange Not In Plans. October 23, 1959
8-Lane Bridge Study Continues; Final Design May Hinge on Ak Span. November 15, 1959
To Ask Design Contracts On New Bridge. December 7, 1959
Contract For Bridge Design; Commission Okays Engineer Services. February 11, 1960
6-Lane Bridge Being Planned; Future Expansion Idea Is Ruled Out. April 7, 1960
Hope to Speed Up Starting Date On Interstate Bridge. July 19, 1960
New CB-Omaha Bridge Location Has Been Set; Just North Of Ak-Sar-Ben Span. August 3, 1960
Two Twin Bridges, Three Lanes Each, Recommended Between Bluffs-Omaha. December 14, 1960
River Navigation Is Apparent Factor Behind Twin Spans Idea; Government Switches Plans. December 15, 1960
Twin Three-Lane Bridges To Link Bluffs And Omaha; With Provision For Expansion. January 25, 1961
Twin Interstate Bridges May Trigger Chain Of Changes For Council Bluffs; Scheduled For Completion In 1963. January 29, 1961
Bluffs-Omaha Chamber Groups Urge Action On Interstate Span; Endorse Decision Of Two states. October 14, 1961
To Apply For Bridge Permit; Move Delayed By Clearance Matter. October 13, 1961
Interstate Bridge Is Key To Highway System In Bluffs Area; Chief Engineer Clause Says. November 18, 1961
Army Doesn't Want Span To Block Access To Levee; In Case Of Flood Emergency. November 20, 1961
New Bluffs-Omaha Bridge Would Be Lowest To K.C.; If Built With 45-Foot Clearance. December 7, 1961
Opposition In C.B. To 'Low' Span. December 10, 1961
Avalanche Of Opposition To 45-Foot Bridge Height; State Highway Planners Alone. February 13, 1962
Bridge Clearance Arguments Now Go To Washington, D.C., 'For Evaluation.' February 14, 1962
Height Of Interstate Bridge Hinges On Construction Speed; Army Engineers Indicate. April 19, 1962
Nebraska Ready To Proceed On 52-1/2-Foot Highway Span. April 20, 1962
Proposed Mississippi Bridge Height Might Affect C.B. Span; 52-Foot Clearance Urged. June 1, 1962
Iowa May Okay High Span--Erbe. April 24, 1962
New Move For Bridge Permit. July 26, 1962
Opinions Asked On Bridge Plans; Due In Engineers Office By Aug. 15. August 1, 1962
No Protests Yet On Bridge; Filing Deadline Wednesday Night. August 15, 1962
One More Step For Bridge Okay. August 31, 1962
New CB-Omaha Bridge Approved; May Let Bids On Pilings This Fall. September 6, 1962
Permit To Build Interstate Bridge. September 12, 1962
Time Has At Last Stilled The Blair Bridge Chimes; No More Nickles[sic], No More Dimes
New Bluffs-Omaha Span May Not Be Ready By '64. December 15, 1962
Ready To Start Exploration For Proposed Bridge. December 17, 1962
Second Interstate Bridge Set For '66. December 18, 1962
Texas Firm Takes Borings For New Interstate Highway Span; Must Go To Bedrock. December 31, 1962
Preliminary Approval To 6-Lane B-dway Extension; City-State Meet Lasts 6 hours. January 16, 1963
Drill Test Holes In The River Bed. February 14, 1963
State Has Bought 20 Per Cent Of Land For Interstate Bridge; Appraisal Work At Half-Way Mark. June 14, 1963
Iowa And Nebraska To Push Bridge Work; Linking Council Bluffs And Omaha. June 19, 1963
8-Lane Bridge Possible Here; Hinges On Bill Before Congress. September 2, 1963
Nebraska and Iowa To Split Bridge Costs On 58-42 Basis; To Pay 10 Per Cent of $6, 630,000 Tab; May 21, 1963
Bridge Letting Set For October 3. September 10, 1963
K.C. Firm Low On Bridge Job; Bid Is $451,332 Below Estimate. October 4, 1963
Iowa Approves Bridge Contract. October 31, 1963
Span's First Step. November 7, 1963
Federal Highway Act May Make Possible Wider Superbridge; Governor Wants Two More Lanes for Omaha-Council Bluffs Span. December 8, 1964
Fenced Holes On West Side Mark New Bridge Approach; 50 Per Cent Of Right-Of-Way Purchased. December 22, 1963
Nebraska To Decide Soon On Eight-Lane Bridge Plan; Between Council Bluffs And Omaha. January 19, 1964
Bridge Forms. January 26, 1964
8_Lane Span Will Be Sought Between Bluffs And Omaha. January 26, 1964
New Bridge To Be 8 Lanes; Bureau Of Roads Approves Change. March 20, 1964
Right-Of-Way Office Year Old. April 5, 1964
Construction Of Superroad In C.B. To Start This Month; State To Let Two Contracts Tuesday.April 5, 1964
Interstate Gap Shouldn't Snarl Traffic Off Bridge; On the Omaha Side. April 26, 1964
River Bank Beginning To Buzz With Interstate Highway Work.May 20, 1964
Final Approval To Eight-Lane Bridge. May 23, 1964
A Shuttle Bus Would Be Cheaper Than Footbridge; On New Interstate Span. June 7, 1964
Road Grading. June 17, 1964
Des Moines Firm Low on 4 Highway Bridges; In 37th, Broadway Area. October 8, 1964
Announce Dates For Bridge Work. October 20, 1964
$935,000 Substructure For New Span Nears Completion. October 25, 1964
Last Pier Is Ready To Cap; Interstate Bridge Bids Due Dec. 22. November 3, 1964
Councilmen For Bridge Walk But Don't Want To Pay Price; Would Get Rid Of Old Span. November 19, 1964
Denies Request For Sidewalk On Bridge. December 8, 1964
Steel I-Beams Are Placed. December 20, 1964
D.M. Firm Has Apparent Low Bid On I-480 Bridge; Just Under $4 Million. December 22, 1964
Superstructure Work On Bridge To Start June 1. January 24, 1965
Two Councils Indicate Ray Of Hope For Retaining Ak Bridge; At Dinner-Meeting. January 28, 1965
To Apply For Bridge Permit. April 14, 1965
Bridge Girders Due About July 1. May 23, 1965
Steel Girders Arrive For IS-480 Bridge. July 25, 1965
Nebraska To Let 2 Access Jobs Oct. 21; Links For I-480 Bridge Will Cost About $1.3 Million. August 15, 1965
Growing Bridge. September 9, 1965
Interstate 480 Bridge To Open Late In 1966. November 19, 1965
A Wide Gap. November 25, 1965
New Bridge Should Be Open In October; Interstate Projects Move Ahead. February 2, 1966
New Span May Be Opened In October; Interstate Plans Move Ahead. February 20, 1966
Bridge Activity Has Jumped The Big Mo; Should Be Ready By Fall. March 6, 1966
Move Steel Girders For New Bridge. March 30, 1966
It's A Hot And Lonely Job; River Rescue Assignment. May 6, 1966
Closing The Gap. June 14, 1966
Connecting Girder. August 10, 1966
New Bridge Can Roll With Heat And Cold. October 30, 1966
New I-480 Span May Open Between November 1 And 5; Under Temporary Arrangement. October 23, 1966
I-480 Span To Open at 10 A.M. Monday.November 6, 1966
Police Sergeant First On Bridge. November 7, 1966
Council Bluffs' Interstate 480 Complex. November 13, 1966
Dedication Of New Bridge Far Cry From 1888 Event. November 21, 1966
CB, Omaha Will Ask Two States To Maintain Bridge; Air Ak Span At 90-Minute Meet. November 29, 1966
New Eastbound Exit. December 11, 1966
Second Avenue Link Eases Problem; Traffic Flows Smoother Off I-480 Bridge. December 14, 1966
Lights Going Up. March 22, 1967
I-480 Bridge Now Lighted. April 20, 1967
Bridging The K-480 Gap. August 4, 1969
Unique Design Makes Building Bridge Difficult. August 2, 1970
Push Bike Trail Over 480 Bridge. May 23, 1971


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