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Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.

1962 yearbook (annual) of Tri-Center High School

1962 Yearbook (Annual) of Iowa School for the Deaf.

Fire Fighters - Girl Scout Office 8-8-1962.tif
City fire inspector Jim Burke and a neighborhood girl, Sherl Cox, survey the interior of the Girl Scout house.

Fire Fighters - fire at U.S. Oil Works 8-9-1962.tif
Column of black smoke rises from the site of an explosion and fire at the United Sates Oil Works, 116 Twenty-ninth Ave. Andre Beltran, 28, died in the blast.

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Fire Fighters - Fire at Bergstrom Woodworking Plant 11-27-1962.tif
Fire Capt. Earl J. Hansen is taken to an ambulance at fire scene.

The Bergstrom Woodworking Co. plant, 110 S. 18th St. was destroyed by fire.

08-09-1962 Fire at a soilworks.tif
Firemen pour water on wreckage of the pump shed which was the scene of an explosion and fire which claimed one life.

1962 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

Business H837.tif
Photograph of the Hudson Service Station at the corner of West Broadway and 20th.

1962 Yearbook (Annual) of Abraham Lincoln High School.
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