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Dodge_Book 15_Part 1.pdf
General Dodge Papers - 1897-1898, Book 15

Grand Marshall, President McKinley's Inauguration.
Grand Marshall, Dedication of Grant Tomb.
Spanish War.
Appointed Major General of Volunteers.
Offered Command of First Corps.

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Railroads R357.tif
Raising tracks at C.B. & Q., Wabash, O. & St. L., C.R.I. & P.C.M. & St. P. Railway crossing.

Photograph of U. S. Quarter Boat #7.

Public Utilities P694a.tif
Photograph of the Old Power House, 29th and 1st Avenue - Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Aerial O947a.tif
Aerial photograph looking over Council Bluffs from Fairmount Park Hill.

Floods M577b.tiff
Photograph of the Missouri River overflowing its banks. Taken from Motor bridge, April 14, 1897.

Lake L345m.tif
Photograph of the Lake Manawa Fish and Game Club
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