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Man reclining on ground cloth in makeshift shelter of sandbags.

Mosquito Creek in foreground, showing levee break into gasoline tanks farm.

Proposed Missouri River development plan, 1971

First Harnessing of Missouri River . . . in South Dakota was completed this year at Fort Randall Dam. All Missouri River water is now flowing through tubes in main embankment at left. Closure section built this year is at center. - Army Photo

Invading the Missouri River . . . near Pierre, S.D., is Oahe Dam, now 5 percent complete. Pyramid of earth in upper center is completed 1,500-foot section of dam. Sheet pile cut-off wall shown being driven in trench to right of square embankment…

View of the Missouri River west of Council Bluffs during the flood of 1881

View of Council Bluffs during the Missouri River flood of 1881

Floods - Council Bluffs
Looking west from side of bluff between 10th and 11th Avenue (back of 3rd Street School House). Flood of April 25, 1881.

Nonpareil 2011 Flood Special ocr.pdf
A special issue included in the Sunday, November 13, 2011 issue of the Daily Nonpareil. It details the flooding that occurred in Council Bluffs and other Southwest Iowa cities located near the Missouri River.

The Flood of 1999 Nonpareil Special.pdf
A special section of the Daily Nonpareil newspaper published on Friday, September 10, 1999 featuring images of flooding in Council Bluffs taken on August 6th and 7th of that year.

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Floods M577b.tiff
Photograph of the Missouri River overflowing its banks. Taken from Motor bridge, April 14, 1897.

Floods M677.tiff
Photograph showing Mosquito Creek overflow. Road to Quick, IA near Council Bluffs.
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