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Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil Archives

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Council Bluffs--Image

This Is Council Bluffs
Somehow summer-like temperatures turn lakes and streams into magnets for anyone whose hand is shaped to fit a fishing pole. Larry Jensen, 400 North Thirty-second street, and Rober Taylor, 1907 Sixth avenue, were lured to the shores of Big Lake to…

City Council
Council Bluffs Elections #1

Jerkovich, Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Family

Sainte Trio A Sporting Clan - Triplets Raised On 'Kick The Can'
Simple Game . . . of "kick the can" helped spur interest in sports for Jane, Jeanette and Judy Jerkovich, pictured here with their basketball coach Dick McMahon. The triplets, who comprise one-half of St. Albert's team, have helped in the Saintes'…

Sports, Music And Baking Are The Interests Of Look-A-Likes - Pets Their Great Love
Ready, Set, Go . . . the same lineup, Judy, Jeanette and Jane are fleet as deer. they ran in the city track meet Monday on relay teams and the medley 400. The girls did well in track at Gunn School in sixth grade. Prior to that they attended St.…

Sports, Music And Baking Are The Interests Of Look-A-Likes - Pets Their Great Love
The Melodies Would Have To Be Pretty . . . coming from the light touch on the keys of the pretty and petite Jerkovich triplets. Judy and Jeanette are at the keyboard as Jane pleasantly awaits her turn on the 88.

Identical Triplet Girls Are Born To Jerkoviches
Snuggled Close . . . as possible to mommy (Mrs. Charles Jerkovich) are her triplet daughters. One of their nurses, Miss Vivian Graeve of Panama, stands by to lend a helping hand. The babies will remain in incubators until their weight reaches at…

Jensen, Dr. Linda R.

Jensen: Gifted Kids Need Programs
Linda Jensen - photo courtesy of Temple University

A.L. Scholar Eyes Career In Teaching
At The Board . . . senior Linda Jensen solves math problem.

Precinct votes mirror outcome
Mayor Thomas P. Hanafan carried all 23 of the city's precincts in Tuesday's election. Newcomer Jack E. Ruesch, who ousted Councilman David Tobias, carried all but the 15th and 16th Precincts. Ruesch tied with newcomer Patricia Jones in the 23rd…

Council Bluffs, City of

Council Bluffs Care Center
2452 N. Broadway

Mural is dedicated at C.B. care center
Brightening the activities room of the Council Bluffs Care Center, 2452 N. Broadway, is "Rural Iowa," one of two new 24-foot-long murals created by residents during a 16-week-long Living Arts Program. The murals, painted on Masonite panels, were…

Jensen, Ben F.

It's Nixon
A bust of Richard Nixon has been carved out of a walnut tree by former U.S. Congressman Ben F. Jensen of Exira, and he hopes to present the image to Nixon. Jensen, shown here with the bust, served 26 years in Congress before his defeat in 1964, and…

Jensen: No Plans To Give Up Leading An Active Life - Home To Exira After 26 Years In Washington
Mrs. Jensen . . . joins Ben on their front steps for one of the two pictures taken of her during her husband's 26 years in public life.
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