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Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil Archives

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Joe Katelman pistol-whipped; Assailant Abe Leibovitz felled.
Abe loaded into a police cruiser car for a trip to the hospital by Officer J. G. Olderog.

Joe Katelman pistol-whipped; Assailant Abe Leibovitz felled.
"This revolver...was picked up at the scene by police. One cartridge was fired; four others had misfired. Shown here is the map of a plat of West Side property, believed to have been the cause for the disagreement."

Joe Katelman pistol-whipped; Assailant Abe Leibovitz felled
Councilman Joseph B. Katelman...lies in the street on Twelfth Avenue, after being shot at and beaten over the head by Abe Leibovitz, shown on the street just behind him. Patrolmen John J. Morrow, J. G. Olderog, Herbert Mace Jr., and Denny R…

Joe Katelman pistol-whipped; Assailant Abe Leibovitz felled
Helped to his Councilman Katelman, center, by Police Chief Earl Miller, right, and an unidentified officer. Katelman was taken to the hospital in a police cruiser car when the Emergency Unit was tied up on another call.

Crash scene
Crash scene...spectators view the damaged two-seater airplane. Note the piece of wing, ripped from the plane. The craft hit the power pole before crashing to the ground.

Lifting victim
Lifting victim...Earl Jensen from plane are CAP Capt. Ralph Gamble, dark glasses, and Dr. Donald V. Hirst, in Khaki uniform. Emergency Unit crewman Norvin Oamek stand ready to help, as does Police Sgt. N. J. Sulentic, back to camera.

2 deer, cops in a drama of the wild
The meandering deer wandered into town late in the afternoon and wound up in Indian Creek near Sixth Avenue.

Sunset at Lake Manawa
Hundreds of person daily find the receded shoreline at Lake Manawa a good place to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature. Especially during the evening hours, many fishermen drive right down to the water's edge. Here a lone fisherman holds down a…

Laughter returns to C. B. home
"Ask in my name"...reads the verse from Scripture on a prayer cloth worn by little Leland Blankenship.

Malvern boy sighting Easter from new angle
Despite broken leg...and obvious discomfort David W. Hansen manages a smile.

St. John's Lutheran Church
Mirrored in the backwash...from a leaf clogged storm sewer, St. John's Lutheran Church transforms an autumn water hazard into a scene of beauty.

Too much love
Too much love...from his brother sent Eugene Adkins of Little Sioux, front, to Mercy Hospital with a fractured leg. He joined Brian Jacobsen of 39 Happy Happy Hollow Blvd., who slipped on a rug and fractured his leg.

Grassy eyed
Grassy eyed...Judy Juel, Harlan High School junior, cuddles the feathery blooms of a pampas grass near a farm pond during a warm day in October.

Elderly seamstress found fatally beaten
Investigating fatal beating...are, left to right, Detective Leon Nelson, Deputy County Atty. Ross Caniglia, County Atty. Peter J. Peters and Detective R. R. Betchel (in background). Victim's leg is shown in right foreground. Intruder entered the…

Beno's Department Store.

Walter L. Doiel
Walter L. Doiel, Council Bluffs Fire Department.

Downtown (Urban Renewal)
Photograph of downtown Council Bluffs after urban renewal.

Robert Drummond
Photograph of Robert Drummond.

Robert R. Dygert
Photograph of Robert R. Dygert, Council Bluffs Fire Department.

Bob Edwards
Photograph of Bob Edwards.
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