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Overturned bottom of Mosquito Creek. It skidded off the road which goes under the railroad trestle.

Scattered wreckage...of car-truck crash which claimed two lives is examined by Iowa Highway Patrolman Larry Torrey, left, and Deputy Sheriff Ed Christensen, far right. The two vehicles came together at the dark spots at right hand corner of picture.

Comforting Trapped Man...are Emergency Unit Capt. Logan Miller, Sheriff's deputies Virgil Elmore and Earl Pace. Wayne Chase holds his hand to his face.

Photo of wreckage from accident with garbage truck and auto transport, with two men examining wreckage. Photo not used in the newspaper story, but associated with "Work Hour To Free Trapped Truck Driver," Daily Nonpareil 10-16-1961. Trapped driver…

Truck Which Failed To Observe Sign...did this damage to Griswold storefronts early Wednesday.

Interstate 29 Roundup...turns highway patrolmen into cowboys as 69 cattle are herded down the super-road.

Louis Crawley, 164 Greenhaven Road, was driving his semi-tractor loaded with about 30,000 pounds of groceries over the Broadway Viaduct Wednesday morning when he saw the signal at Eighth Street and Broadway turn red. He applied the truck's brakes…

A runaway truck got its "horns" bent Tuesday afternoon as it slammed into a tree in front of 33 Frank St. The vehicle, owned by William Young of Peerless Products Col, of Omaha, jumped the curb before coming to its sudden stop. Young was ticketed…
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