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Houses H664b.tif
Photograph of the home of R. G. Meneray. 208 Stutsman.

Houses H687.tif
Photograph of a house on Keeline avenue in Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Wilcox J495h.tif
Photograph of J. F. Wilcox home with truck and trailers parked outside.

Wilcox J495p.tif
Photograph of the interior of the J. F. Wilcox home.

Houses B466.tif
Photograph of Ben Marks house. 223 Vine street. Showing Ben Marks and his wife, with unidentified woman

Streets A16.tif
Photograph of people raising telephone poles? at 29th Street and Avenue C - Council Bluffs, Iowa

Streets B468.tif
Photograph of an unidentified house in Council Bluffs (224 Benton?) showing storm damage.

Streets A15.tif
Photograph of 29th Street and Avenue C in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Streets A17.tif
Photograph of 29th Street and Avenue C in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Henning F736i.tiff
Photograph of the Frank Henning Home at 2902 Avenue B in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Societies E457a.tif
Photographs of Elks in front of H. Nason's home, left to right, E. Benjamin, Dr. R. L. Bright, R. Heilbron, H. Nason

Houses R634.tif
Robert B. Wallace home on Bluffs street.

Houses T466b.tif
Photograph of the Thomas Officer home on Willow Ave.

Houses U763.tif
Sterograph image of U. S. Marshall's house, 6th street Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Houses W555.tif
Picture of the William Pusey home on Willow avenue, Council Bluffs (Iowa). Date of picture unknown.

From back of picture: "William Pusey Home. Built in 1857. Stone for it came down from Pittsburgh. Site of Library Building (Gift of Mrs. Della…

Houses P611.tif
"This house is one I lived in when I was quite young. It had a lot of history, and continues to contribute to days gone by" letter from Gracie Smith Beasley.
Home of Oscar Keeline

Dodge House D634e.tif
Photograph of the Dodge House in Council Bluffs, IA., Summer 1977. South side showing fountain

Dodge House D634d.tif
Photograph of the Dodge House in Council Bluffs, IA. Interior, study. July 1966, shortly after restoration. Left to right, Vickie Keese, Judy Moran and Cathy Fanders.
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