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Soakingin the American sunshine . . . are Annika Ericcson and Tom Knutsson, natives of Sweden. Knutsson recently visited his girlfriend, a foreign exchange student. --Nonpareil Photo.

AFS students: Examining weapons at the Council Bluffs Police station Saturday are four American Field Service students, with Capt. Charles Merriman. From left are Luiz Queiroz of brazil, Kaare Hellerslien of Norway, Gerd Hienstorfer of Germany and…

Shopping for winter coat . . . at local store is Gunnar Sigurosson. Helping him are Robert and Marcia Robnett, hosts for the foreign exchange student. --Nonpareil Photo.

Presenting trophy . . . to Jacqueline Roy for an outstanding speech is Toastmaster C.R. Williams. Lawton Larson is in the center. -- Nonpareil Photo.

Showing the Lappish shoes . . . she brought from Finland is Paula Ylanne. Surrounding her are the Rev. Mr. Miars, Shelly, Mrs. Miars and Jeff. --Nonpareil Photo.

Exchange student . . . from France, Miss Jacqueline Roy, right, and Karen Hunter are entertained by the Hunters' French poodle. --Nonpareil Photo.

Showing pictures of her homeland . . . to her new sisters is Belgin Tekce, left. The other girls, left to right, are Gretchen, Sonia, and Kathy Walter. -- Nonpareil Photo.

Enjoying a view of the campus . . .at Thomas Jefferson High School are Mrs. C. Francis Putnam and daughter, Virginia, with Suzanne Van Well, at right. --Nonpareil Photo.

Emptying a cornucopia . . . symbolic of abundance, are Masahiko Nemoto and Paula Ylanne who like the idea of Thanksgiving Day. -- Nonpareil Photo
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