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Sunlight And Shadows...and a girl give Prairie Rose State Park near Harlan a look of lake-and-woods enchantment. The silhouetted girl cleaning mud from bare feet is Marty Andreasen, Harlan High senior.

Implement dealers . . . like this one in Harlan, are well-stocked with merchandise this time of year, but sales are dragging somewhat. Farmers in Southwest Iowa, like those everywhere, are finding money together to get -- even at today's usurious…

At AFS fete: Area AFS students feted at Oakland Sunday, (left to right, front row: Corning, Miss Sonja Nakawaja, Thailand; Denison, Miss Dona Cella, Bissi, Italy; Walnut, Miss Marian Vranchen, The Netherlands; Red Oak, Miss Chieko Majima, Japan;…
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