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Hotels G736b.tif
Postcard of the Grand Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Hotels G736a.tif
Postcard of the Grand Hotel, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Five postcards of Council Bluffs Hotels. Goodrich Hotel, Iowan Motel, Starlite Motel, Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge, and KOA.

Two postcards of Hotel Chieftain

Seven postcards of the Grand Hotel.

Photograph of a hotel at Lake Manawa

Hotels P335a.tif
Photograph of the Pacific Hotel on Pearl and Broadway in Council Bluffs, Iowa. July 26th, 1900.

Hotels F577a.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of the first Ogden Hotel. Built in 1869 and destroyed by fire in 1874.

Hotels O334b.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of the exterior of the Ogden Hotel.

Hotels K545b.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of Kiel's Hotel.

Hotels K545a.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of Kiel's Hotel on South Main.

Hotels C747.tif
Photo reproduction of an engraving of the Creston House Hotel.

Parks B395h.tif
Bayliss Park and Hotel Chieftain, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Hotels P335c.tif
Photograph of the Pacific House Hotel at 430 Broadway in Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Hotels N486.tif
Interior of the Neumeyer Hotel Bar. Built in 1888.

Business E376 note on back.tif
A photograph of the Ed Rogers bar room located in the old Pacific House.

Broadway B763j.jpg
Photograph of the corner of Main and Broadway in Council Bluffs (Iowa), 1868. Features the Pacific House Hotel, P. C. DeVol Store and Officer & Pusey Bank.

Hotels C589.jpg
Photograph of the City Hotel on Broadway, with people on the porch and deck.

Postcard. Bayliss Park and Hotel Chieftain, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Goodrich Hotel
803 W. Broadway

Closed 6/84

-"Remember When photo 9/97

Walter Goodrich obit July 16, 17 & 19, 1929
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