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In A Dark Alley...patrolman Merle Brown finds his 85-pound German Shepherd Boots, is a good companion. The dog is used to help him check business places.

AFS students: Examining weapons at the Council Bluffs Police station Saturday are four American Field Service students, with Capt. Charles Merriman. From left are Luiz Queiroz of brazil, Kaare Hellerslien of Norway, Gerd Hienstorfer of Germany and…

Investigating fatal beating...are, left to right, Detective Leon Nelson, Deputy County Atty. Ross Caniglia, County Atty. Peter J. Peters and Detective R. R. Betchel (in background). Victim's leg is shown in right foreground. Intruder entered the…

Helped to his Councilman Katelman, center, by Police Chief Earl Miller, right, and an unidentified officer. Katelman was taken to the hospital in a police cruiser car when the Emergency Unit was tied up on another call.

Councilman Joseph B. Katelman...lies in the street on Twelfth Avenue, after being shot at and beaten over the head by Abe Leibovitz, shown on the street just behind him. Patrolmen John J. Morrow, J. G. Olderog, Herbert Mace Jr., and Denny R…

"This revolver...was picked up at the scene by police. One cartridge was fired; four others had misfired. Shown here is the map of a plat of West Side property, believed to have been the cause for the disagreement."

Abe loaded into a police cruiser car for a trip to the hospital by Officer J. G. Olderog.
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