Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990


Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990


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Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990
C.B. driver injured when car hits backhoe. No date
Road work blames for I-80 pileups. May 5, 1989
C.B. accident victim's condition improvising. June 7, 1989
Boat propeller strikes woman, breaks legs. June 21, 1989
No charges in beating accident. June 23, 1989
Parked pickup rammed twice in separate crashes Monday. June 27, 1989
C.B. boy, 13, hurt critically when hit by boat on lake. June 30, 1989
11 hurt in crashs on rainy roads. July 2, 1989
C.B. woman loses arm in pickup crash. July 3, 1989
Youth's condition serious following boat accident. July 3, 1989
Manawa accidents prompts a call here for more safety rules. July 5, 1989
Boy hospitalized, hit by car Wednesday. July 6, 1989
Firm moves to Harlan to build motorboarts. July 6, 1989
OWI trial date set for burned semi drive. July 6, 1989
C.B. accident victim's condition improvising. June 7, 1989
Hitchhiker injured in jump from truck. July 7, 1989
Boy treated after thrown from car. July 9, 1989
Six people injured in separate accidents. July 10, 1989
C.B. boat operator seeks hearing on Lake Manawa accident citation. July 14, 1989
Auto strikes woman standing in her driveway. July 19. 1989
I-80 collision injures three; two victims remains critical. July 19, 1989
Hearing delayed in Lake Manawa boating citation. July 26, 1989
Head-on crash injures six. July 31, 1989
Man knocked out by flying ski at Manawa. July 31, 1989
C.B. man hurt in cycle crash. August 1, 1989
Two accidents tie up I-480 traffic. August 2, 1989
Suit filed in boat accident. August 10, 1989
Interstate 80 crashes leave 5 people injured. August 28, 1989
Six injured in two-car accident. September 3, 1989
4-year-old run over by golf cart. September 5, 1989
Youths hurt in area crash. September 5, 1989
Hit-and-run victims show improvement. September 6, 1989
Missouri Valley solves missing link in crash. September 8, 1989
Minor injury reported in Kirn bus accident. September 12, 1989
Jury awards $12,000 in truck death. September 16, 1989
Car flips off I-29, two occupants injured. September 19, 1989
Accident witness pulls man from car. September 20, 1989
Neola man injured in C.B. cycle crash. September 20, 1989
Semi drags car 400 feet; four injured. September 23, 1989
C.B. man held in mall incident. September 24, 1989
Boat driver fined $50 for running over teen. September 26, 1989
Woman is hospitalized when struck by moped. October 1, 1989
Pedestrian is charged after I-29 accident. October 2, 1989
Harlan High School junior killed when car hits bridge. October 3, 1989
Woodbine man killed after car overturns. October 3, 1989
C.B. woman injured in jump from van. October 8, 1989
Man injured after hit by pickup in Sunday parking-lot disturbance. October 9, 1989
Driver pleads guilty in pickup crash case. October 10, 1989
Omaha, C.B. woman injured in two-car collision Tuesday. October 11, 1985
Rural Neola crash kills one, critically injures another. October 11, 1989
Teen riding on car hood pinned in head-on crash. October 11, 1989
Richter injured in one-car crash. October 17, 1989
Mo. Valley native killed by train. October 12, 1989
C.B. ma is 'critical' after motorcycle crash. October 23, 1989
Drive in crash was 'legally drunk'. October 26, 1989
Missouri Valley woman didn't see train coming. October 26, 1989
Man's leg is broken in car-cycle crash. October 30, 1989
Woman is arrested after car hits bus. October 30, 1989
Motorist dies at Crescent after hit crawling onto I-680. November 13, 1989
No charges filed in death of Omaha man. November 14, 1989
Semi, van collide; woman dies. December 31, 1989
Woman dies in crash on slick I-80. January 21, 1990
C.L. man killed in I-29 crash. February 6, 1990
Five people were injured in three separate accidents. February 8, 1990
Man, boy hurt in two accidents. Februrary 24, 1990
Semi tips, blocks traffic after hitting deer on I-29. May 8, 1990
Thirty million 'freed' bees snarl I-80 traffic. May 31, 1990
5 boys hurt in accidents Monday. June 5, 1990
C.B. man dies in motorcycle crash. June 7, 1990
Trucker killed on U.S. 275. June 11, 1990
Winds blamed for accident that injured 9-year-old girl. June 12, 1990
3 hospitalized after I-680 crash. June 13, 1990
Crash claims life of Mo. Valley woman. June 18, 1990
Interstate 29 blocked by car-truck collision. October 3, 1990
Omahan, 70, dies in crash on Sunday. November 26, 1990
Two remain hospitalized after crash which killed 3. December 31, 1990
Four people injured in weekend crashes. November 4, 1991
3 children injured when cars hit bikes. June 4, 1991
Motorhome loses rear tire, flips. August 16, 1992


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Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990


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