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Business D484.tif
Interior of soda plant. Unknown location


1925 W Broadway.tif
Photograph of 1925 West Broadway

S Broadway at 15th.tif
Photographs of 1500 Block of West Broadway

NW Broadway & 15th.tif
Two photographs of the Northwest Corner of West Broadway and 15th St.

1500 W Broadway.tif
Photograph of 1500 West Broadway

S `1400 Broadway.tif
Three photographs of the 1400 block of West Broadway

N 1300 Broadway.tif
Two photographs of the 1300 block of West Broadway.

Cedar Motel.tif
Four photographs of Cedar Motel

612 614 E Broadway.tif
Four photographs of 612 & 614 East Broadway

823 E Broadway.tif
Three photographs of Antique Shop at 823 East Broadway

915 917 E Broadway.tif
915 -917 East Broadway - Johnson Pharmacy & Safeway

923 E Broadway.tif
Four photographs of Standard Oil Station at 923 East Broadway

15-17 Bryant.tif
Two photographs of 15 - 17 Bryant Street

47 N Main.tif
Two photographs of 47 North Main St.

41 N Main.tif
Two photographs of 41 North Main St.
Ray Hicks Insurance and Fitch Enterprises.

223+ Vine.tif
Two photographs of laundromat at 223 1/2 Vine St.

200 Vine.tif
Four photographs of 200 Vine Street. Frontier gas.

100 Main.tif
Photograph of 100 block on west side of Main St. Montgomery Ward Order Office.

Main N of Broadway.tif
Two photographs of Main St. just north of Broadway

36 N Main.tif
Two photographs of 36 North Main.
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