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This Is Council Bluffs: Eastside Junior High School and its rustic surroundings present this view from the air. That's Bennett Avenue running across the bottom of the photo and Bonham Avenue just left of the school parking lot. At the top center,…

From the air, homesites at the junction of Bennett Avenue and Highway 6 provide a study in suburban residential planning. The curve of Highway 6 bends in at upper right. Bennett Avenue runs across the top of the photo. Adrian Street cuts…

About 160 Homes...are planned for this area outside the city limits where Bennett Ave. (the longest one) joins with Franklin Ave. The River Bend Construction Co. plans 119 homes in the area immediately behind the existing line of homes. Thomas…

Aerial photo of subdivison at Bennett and McPherson. Pictured are: McPherson Avenue, Bennett Avenue, Arnold Avenue, Adrian Avenue, Beal Street, Robin Road, Mielke Way, Wenwood Circle, Windsor Court, and Abraham Lincoln High School.

Aerial view of Bennett Avenue from Franklin Avenue, running to Madison Avenue. Franklin Avenue is in the center right of the photo, with Bennett running along the center of the photo. Susan Lane is pictured at the left side.

Bennett Avenue Area
Includes Bennett Sewer Line

aerial photo of Bennett Avenue area, after development (1970)

aerial photo of Bennett Avenue area before development (1959)

aerial photo of Bennett Avenue area and housing developments south of Bennett Avenue.

Ditching operations for a new Bennett Avenue sewer line are shown under way Monday. This view of the project shows the line running northwest toward Bennett Avenue and the new Eastside Junior High from Mosquito Creek. The sewer will serve the…
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