Bennett Avenue ARea


Bennett Avenue ARea


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Bennett Avenue Area
Includes Bennett Sewer Line
Bennett Ave. Sewer Grows In Popularity; Opens Door For Suburban Housing. June 21, 1959
Sewer Construction. July 18. 1961
Group To Fight Sewer Project. October 24, 1963
Bennett Ave. Corp. To See Rehearing. December 23, 1965
Sewer Case Rehearing Is Denied. February 14, 1966
53 Families Want Sewer Fee Refun; Claim Charges Excessive. June 14, 1966
Suit Against Bennett Avenue Corp. Dismissed. July 27, 1968
That's Progress....September 16, 1970
Road workers close streets. June 5, 1979
City to plub hole 'king'. March 15, 1978
Bennett Avenue detour will begin about April 1. March 26, 1978
Meeting to determine paving delay at Bennett. July 5, 1978
Bennett paving begins but won't be finished this year. August 8, 1978
Bennett paving proceeds slowly. August 18, 1978
Paving season is over, street cracks checked. November 22, 1978
Bennett Avenue work to resume. May 10. 1979
Second phase of Bennett rebuilding starts Monday. June 3, 1979


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Bennett Avenue Area


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