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Officer Carolyn Cates: "I used to get a lot more (stares). I don't know if they thought it was a guy needing a haircut or what."

Bicycle Riders...gather at Community hall to join their new club.

Police cruiser with front end smashed following accident. Written in margin of photo: 33rd & W. Bdwy 3-2-85
N.P. by M.M.
[Article about accident in Daily Nonpareil, "Injured man listed in satisfactory condition," March 4, 1984, p.8. Article does…

Photo of Chevette with right front end smashed; night scene. Written on margin of photo: "Accident 33 & W. Bdwy 3-2-85
N.P. by M.
[Article about accident appears in the Nonpareil, "Injured man listed in satisfactory condition," March 4, 1985, p.…

Gov. Branstad, left, and Council Bluffs Mayor Charles Smith unveil the new sign for Kanesville Boulevard during the governor's visit to Council Bluffs Friday.

Traffic tie-up problems . . . on the Broadway viaduct were minimal during rush hour Friday morning compared to what is expected during the next two to three months. But even with the "minimal" problems, eastbound motorists had to wait awhile to pass…

Electrical Workers . . . were busy Thursday in the intersection of Eighth Street and Broadway changing signal lights to direct east and westbound traffic over the viaduct. The traffic is being channeled into two lanes because of construction on the…

The first portion of the Washington Avenue Bypass stands out against the dirt surroundings after getting a layer of gravel last week. The curve off East Broadway is now more easily defined. In the background is Mercy Hospital with its new parking lot…

The Route Of The Bypass . . . is shown on this map. The eastern phase of the project, to be completed by late fall or early spring, is shown by the solid line. The dashes represent the portion to be finished later. Also shown is a new street to be…

Checking an alternative to the widening of Washington Avenue just prior to a meeting during the Chamber of Commerce retreat in Kansas City, Saturday are Tom Whitson, president of the chamber and City Manager Don Harmon.

A sound level meter is monitored Monday afternoon at Eighth Street and Broadway by Jack Schnettler and Bill Zeisler, both of Henningsen, Durham and Richardson, Omaha engineers, and Dean Pawlowic of Omaha Testing Laboratories. They are measuring…

Washington Avenue Corridor plans are discussed by the Rev. Richard Hogan, pastor of First Christian Church which may be affected by the highway relocation, and J. Frederic Schlott, vice chairman of the city's Parks and Recreation Department. The…

Formal photo of 23 police officers and detectives, ca 1890

Council Bluffs in pictures
Also C.B. Story

Garage mechanics keep city equipment in first class condition. Garage Department and City Hall Maintenance come under Purchasing Agent's supervision.

Frank LeChappel repairs ruptured sewer line on Avenue C. Heavy winter rains cause the cave-in and break.

Dramatic rescue is made when fireman lowers injured workman from roof of St. Francis Church.

Fire Prevention is stressed by Asst. Chief Figgins, who solicits aid of Boy Scouts in distributing Safety Posters.

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General Dodge Papers - Book 6 Index

Typescripts of originals housed at the State Historical Society of Iowa.
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