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American Field Service exchange students.
Two envelopes with names of foreign exchange students listed by year.
On international scholarship French girl will attend classes at A.L. next year. July 17, 1955
Like all of us . . . French student…

Christmas customs : Discussing the customs of celebrating Christmas in their homelands are American Field Service Exchange students Kare Hellerslein of Norway, Gerd-Rainer Hienstorfer of Germany, Luiz de Queiroz of Brazil, Miriam Casas of Peru, and…

Emptying a cornucopia . . . symbolic of abundance, are Masahiko Nemoto and Paula Ylanne who like the idea of Thanksgiving Day. -- Nonpareil Photo

Getting ready . . . Queen Karen's going somewhere at last. -Nonpareil Photo.

Holding Two Gallibeyas . . . or Egyptian dresses is Thomas Jefferson High School teacher R.H. Flanders. He spent part of his summer vacation touring the Middle East and will be passing on his newly acquired knowledge on the subject to T.J. students.

You'd Make A Face Too...if you got as much dirt on you as Royal McCollum did when he slid into third base on a sacrifice bunt.

1924 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1925 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1926 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1927 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1929 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.

1930 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School.
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