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Today...there is a trimmer, cleaner look in contrast to the 53-year-old photo. A new building houses the Council Bluffs Savings Bank, and at right is the new State Savings Bank. Other new buildings behind them were rebuilt after the Grand Hotel…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in 1908, Broadway at Pearl St. looked like this. There was a theater at left, then Rogers Buffet, a cigar store and Beno's. The beer wagon, with a three-team hitch, was a fairly common sight on downtown streets. …

Today...the new State Savings Bank building stands at the 521 W. Broadway location., Built during 1946 it opened in early 1947.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--J.F. Wilcox Florist occupied the location at 521 W. Broadway in the 1890s. Fresh fruit and sodas were also offered by Wilcox, whose shop was decorated with flags and banners for circus day.
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