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Brewer, Ronald
Convicted of murder of Lawrence Ray
Murder of Clarence Edwards and Wife

Suspects [sic] Car: Sgt. C.E. Moore examines car Ronald Wayne Brewer used to get away from police after the fatal shooting of Lawrence Ray in Council Bluffs Tuesday night. The entire rear window was shattered by officers' bullets. Two of the slugsā€¦

Victim's Identical Twin...Lloyd Ray and his wife, Karen, were with Lawrence Ray Tuesday night when he was shot and killed.

The Lock...of this door was shot by Ronald Brewer when Clarence Alton refused to let him in the apartment.

Dianne Ray...saw her husband, Lawrence, fall after he was shot in the back.

Before The Hearing...Ronald Wayne Brewer talks with his mother, Mrs. Darlene Brewer, and Sheriff Roy Wichael. Behind the sheriff is Brewer's win bror, Donald.

Council Bluffs Police Dept. mug shots, side and front, of murder suspect Ronald Brewer. Slate around his necks reads:
Council Bluffs, IA
Police Dept.
(Date on back of photo is 12-58)

Council Bluffs Police Dept. mug shot of murder suspect Ronald Brewer; front view
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