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After The Last Tree Was Felled Wednesday...the causes damage were removed, and citizens got a new view. Younger trees, growing well within the park sidewalks, are expected to branch out rapidly and replace the ones that were dropped.

Two weeks ago huge elms lined Bayliss Park along Pearl Street, cutting off the view to the north. They were 70 feet high and hung over the curb. Some were considered dangerous. After two minor damage claims were filed against the city by people…

Postcard of Pearl Street looking North from Bayliss Park.

Streets P437b.tif
Postcard of Pearl Street, looking north from the Council Bluffs Public Library.

Broadway C676n.tif
Photographs of the bank building on the southwest corner of Pearl and Broadway.

Hotels P335a.tif
Photograph of the Pacific Hotel on Pearl and Broadway in Council Bluffs, Iowa. July 26th, 1900.

Broadway C676m see note on back.tif
Photograph of street car tracks being layed at the corner of Broadway and Pearl.

Broadway S774.tif

Color painting from a magazine, looking east on Broadway from Pearl. Text of article titled "Broadway in Council Bluffs Marks Trail of the Pioneers" on the back of the picture.

Libraries P366.jpg
Reproduction of a panoramic view of Willow Ave. and Pearl St. showing the Public Library and courthouse.

Stereographic picture of an old cottonwood tree on the corner of Broadway and Pearl.

Printed on back of image: "The old cotton wood tree, corner of Broadway and Pearl St., Council Bluffs, condemned to be cut down by the Council, but saved by the…
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