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Accidents. Car, boat. 1989-1990
C.B. driver injured when car hits backhoe. No date
Road work blames for I-80 pileups. May 5, 1989
C.B. accident victim's condition improvising. June 7, 1989
Boat propeller strikes woman, breaks legs. June 21,…

August/September 2014 Historical Society newsletter.

08-18-1961 Neola Ambulance.tif
Recently purchased by the Neola Fire Department gets final check by Darrell Boyer before being placed in service for use by the department.

Two postcards of Neola, Iowa depicting Main St. and the Clifton Hotel.

Fire Fighters - Neola Rescue Squad 7-21-1963.tif
Photograph of Neola fire fighters.

The sign says . . . "Welcom to Council Bluffs" and that's exactly what thousands of Council Bluffs area residents did for Vice President Spiro T. Agnew Thursday morning at Lewis Central High School. The group, predominately youth, included…
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