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Desolate And Abandoned . . . farmsteads such as this dotted the flooded sections of Mills and Fremont counties as Missouri River waters spread over much of the bottomland in those two counties.

Silent Vigils . . . were kept round the clock to watch the river along the flashboard, backed with dirt and walled with rows of sandbags. Miles of wire were strung to allow night-and-day work on the hurriedly built defenses. Council Bluffs went…

1-Simons Print - 1st temp bridge  between C.B. and Omaha.tif
Consists of drawings made by Simons during railroad survey projects in Iowa and Nebraska beginning in 1853.

First temporary bridge between Council Bluffs and Omaha and the first train of cars crossing, Winter 1867.

Looking north . . .across the Ox Bow Lake proposal. Dotted line at lower left indicates the approximate course the Missouri River channel would take. Land area in center would became wildlife refuge. Sealed off river loop would become a lake.

The fallen giant . . . was being cut up for scrap shortly after the blast by workmen for Allied Structural Steel of Hammond, Ind. The sight caused a minor traffic jam on the I-480 bridge as motorists stopped to take a look.

This pix was taken before 1913, perhaps near the turn of the century, said Mrs. Wilson. John F. Allen, tollmaster.

Ak-Bridge scene . . .won't be changing much in the next few months as decisions are made on how to get rid of the last 400-foot long center span. Several plans have been offered. --Nonpareil Photo.

Old and new Missouri River bridges

Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge demolition

Ak-Sar-Ben buys Douglas Street Bridge. June 20, 1938
Bridge bill offered as compromise. May 3, 1939
Advice from across the river. May 4, 1939
New sign identifies city. May 26, 1939
100,000 witness bridge dedication. September 25, 1947

The Douglas street bridge, which Council Bluffs voters refused to purchase for $2,500,000 last Nov. 6 was sold by the tram and bridge companies Monday to the Ak-Sar-Ben organization in Omaha for $2,350.00. Tram company officials made the deal with…

All but gone . . . is the section of bridge from the Iowa side, out to the first pier in the Missouri River. These large barges will be used in the salvage work. The pier will be saved to serve as a foundation for a proposed two-story office building…

Railroad service for visitors at the new Iowa Power & Light Co.'s Council Bluffs Power Station was provided by this Burlington VistaDome car and Ipalco's own diesel locomotive. Here the train is backing into the plant, with boiler sections rising in…

aerial photo of Big Bend Dam on Missouri River, near Fort Thompson, SD.
On back of photo: stamp from US Army Corps of Engineers Photo # BBD 4496
Major construction is drawing to a close on the last of the six large dams built by the Army…

Big Bend Dam
last of large Pick-Sloan Dam on main stem of Mo. River
Near Fort Thompson, S.D.

aerial photo of Big Bend Dam on Missouri River, near Fort Thompson, SD

With five of the 11 piers for the new Interstate 80 Highway completed, and work on the other six piers well along in varying stages, crews for the Jensen Construction Co. of Des Moines have lost no time from weather this past year. Looking toward…

Aerial B573b.tif
Photographic reproduction of the engraving of the Birdseye view of Council Bluffs.

A Complex . . . of technical electronic components are to be utilized in the basement of Iowa Power and Light Co. Part of the equipment there is basic power supply, signal connector and transmitters and receivers.
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